There is a hidden strongbox with Rebirth supplies somewhere in the city. We don’t know where but we do know that there is intel hidden around the city that will guide us to the strongbox. We need to find these clues and solve them to piece together the encryption to open it. The value of the contents within the strongbox can not be overstated – we need to find it. 

We do know that the clues are marked with these codes. The codes are hidden somewhere at the location that the clue guides you to. Search high and low to find them!

On this quest for more information, you will find some letters. Those letters are the encryption key we need to access the strongbox. You need to find all the letters and uncover the word they form. When you’ve figured out the encryption key, come back here to the MOCAP and deliver it to us.

There will be a bounty for whoever brings the key fastest. However, we are not the only ones hunting for it, there are hostiles out there who are working as we speak to crack the code and get their hands on it. You will need to use deception to make sure that nobody follows you, friendly or not, even if you know how they are, do your best to evade others.

Just to warn you, the source of this information was extremely… paranoid and not very coherent. The clues are riddles that she designed to make sure that no one could reach the target easily… Do your best to solve them.

In addition to this, there are also rumors of three suspected loot boxes with REBIRTH access keys to the LABORATORY, REACTOR and REBIRTH NETWORK. Any one group who manages to get an access key will bring great honor to themselves. We have learned that more info about these keys will be dropped at 10.00 on the dot and we will send out the update, more info in your dossier. We need those keys returned to HQ before 12.00. If all of you can collectively retrieve the three keys, then all of you will succeed in this additional mission. But remember, there is still the matter of finding the encryption key and the fastest team there is the winner.

Lastly, we need to document retrieval of all pieces of intel, in case it becomes relevant in the future to solve any more of these damn riddles. Take pictures of your party at each clue location. The agent team with the best photo gets promoted.

When you are ready and have your team of 4-5 people, a team captain and a team name, report to Commander Rashidi to start hunting for the strongbox.

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